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JSC "Vilakra" became certified "Scheider Electric" EcoExpert partner. More


JSC "Vilakra" established on 15th of January, 1995.

The main company activity: water treatment and waste water treatment equipment automation, power distribution and control equipment designing, production, assembling, installation and maintenance.

In 1997 JSC "Vilakra" became "Schneider Electric" panel builder and system integration authorized partner. In 2002 became the only authorized distribution partner of "BD Sensors" company production in Lithuania. In 2014 UAB "Vilakra" became certified "Schneider Electric" alliance partner and in 2022 EcoXpert partner.

Quality management system ISO 9001:2008 (LST EN ISO 9001:2008) and environment management system ISO 14001:2004 (LST EN ISO 14001:2005) implemented in the company since 2004.

JSC "Vilakra" acquired the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania certificate granting the right to perform a special building part design and construction works. It also gained State Energy Inspectorate under the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania certificate authorizing the operation of electrical devices.



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